Camp Robin Hood Day Camp originally came to The Connected Brand to assist in finding the “value” to families of their joint ownership of a sleepover camp, Camp Walden. 

our Approach

In order to find the “value bridge” on where the two camps overlap, it was important to conduct a separate but united brand study of each camp. This involved surveys to families, 1-1 stakeholder sessions and more in-depth qualitative research and workshops with their leadership teams. 


Our Findings

We identified the brand experience disconnects and connection points and both camps were able to develop Brands-on-a-Page that clearly articulated their brand essence based on their families, their staff and the perceptions of the marketplace. 

The value bridge

With their brand clarity now in place, a Customer Journey for each camp was developed and the intersection of how these camps connected with their customers led to a better understanding of how and when to communicate the joint ownership of Camp Walden.  


the evolution

The Camp Robin Hood team decided, based on their new brand clarity, that their visual identity needed to evolve. With our design team, we created a system that expressed all the energy and elements of the camp experience. These elements allowed for varied use and application throughout all the activities and functions of the brand while maintaining a visually own-able environment.

the results

Camp Robin Hood and Camp Walden both have easy to use and pragmatic Brand Footprints and Customer Journeys that are used continuously for planning, operational decision making, marketing and training. 
Camp Robin Hood enjoys a full new visual identity and website that better represents its brand at all touch points. Since the launch of the visual identity and website, we continue to work with Camp Robin Hood on coaching, digital marketing, marketing planning and knowledge transfer to their staff.