The ask

Camp White Pine is one of the most established camps in Ontario. They have been in business for over 60 years and it was time to evolve their brand to meet the changing needs of their audience. They were looking for a brand strategy, a new visual identity and a website to match.

our findings

We worked with the owners and their operations and marketing team to assess the organization, engage with their stakeholders across touchpoints and involve their existing families in the brand rebuilding effort. What emerged was an evolution of what had made this camp a cornerstone of the community – a new foundation that resonated with their families and prospects and created the space for a new identity to emerge.


the identity

The Camp White Pine identity is an evolution that carries forward the heritage that made it great with a new visual system that works in a variety of ways to combine iconography, textures, colours and typography to meet emerging needs in digital, social, advertising, promotions and more.

the results

A brand footprint that gives operational clarity to management and a new identity system that resonates with their market, makes them stand out in a very competitive space and a contemporary feel that leverages their heritage.