The Town of Innisfil’s Economic Development Group is tasked with bringing businesses to Innisfil. However, the Town is primarily seen as a cottage area, a place to play and enjoy lakeside living. The challenge was to develop a brand identity that would appeal to new and expanding businesses based on what the Town had to offer from both a lifestyle perspective as well as economic viability.

our Approach

We engaged local businesses, Town of Innisfil employees, and prospective businesses. We also utilized workshops with leadership and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders to uncover the brand disconnects and opportunities. 

We were able to garner what about the Town of Innisfil resonates across stakeholders. From this data and insight we developed a brand footprint. We also worked weekly as active participants with the in-house marketing team to implement the brand footprint and relevant insights to better attract new businesses and generate better leads for the town.


Our Findings

The Brand Footprint was used to develop the visual identity as well as other properties including advertising, online brochures and an employee campaign to get town employees excited about the prospect of their thriving community. 

A marketing plan was also developed that prioritized the goals of the Economic Development Group for the next three years. Because they did not have resources in-house, we acted as Account Managers as well as marketing coaches. We met weekly to manage all production and to share our skills with the in-house talent. 

The Results

The Economic Development Group has a deeper understanding on what it is about their community that resonates with prospective businesses. The brand footprint provides them with concrete guidance on how to better communicate in a clear and consistent manner with these audiences.

All of this was integrated into a process to acquire leads and manage them, a visual identity that compliments the Town's identity materials and a plan and necessary skills to move forward to achieve their business goals.