The Moment was growing at an unprecedented rate and had just completed their third pivot. As an emerging leader in the innovation consulting space, they were struggling with how to capture the unique value they bring to their clients while also positioning them to compete with much larger and more traditional firms.  

our Approach

We knew this was more than a brand strategy engagement. The Moment was looking to overhaul their marketing efforts while actively redefining who they were and how they delivered value.

So we joined their marketing team with regular working sessions and helped them build an effective lead generation engine, refine their target market, test and optimize their messaging and even launch a formal marketing department. We helped to lead each of these initiatives while building capacity internally and initiating a more formal brand strategy research effort.


Our Findings

By working hands-on as part of the marketing team, we were able to combine what was resonating in the market with what our brand research interviews were uncovering. The end result was a Brand-on-a-Page platform that positions The Moment in a way that speaks of their unique value. And seeing this role out across touch points was inspiring for all within the company.  

A complex sale

The Moment works in the innovation space where relationships are hard won, proposals can be years in the making and dozens of people can weigh in on who to hire. Our work helped to refocus everyone in the company on their role in building these vital relationships and also led to the implementation of a CRM system that could be aligned with the customer journey from the Brand Strategy.


the evolution

The Moment already had a strong wordmark and so chose to evolve their visual identity to meet the gaps uncovered in the brand strategy. A system was developed that better leveraged the differentiating pillars of The Moment's brand.

the results

The Moment is experiencing unprecedented growth this year, even for them. As a tightly woven team of very smart people, each with distinct and deep expertise, the challenge was not about insights. It was an exercise in clarity and focus.

Working with The Moment to unify their interactions with senior leaders across industries has been one of the most challenging and rewarding partnerships of our careers.