The Women’s Musical Club of Toronto is a long-standing Toronto arts institution. Their dedication to providing quality chamber music in the afternoon was entering their 120th year.  While their heritage is strong, the organization continues to evolve. However, the communication had remained the same.

With an average member age of 70+, they were faced with a declining audience and not enough relevance or reach to fill the “pipe” with younger members. WMCT needed to develop a strategic plan, a marketing plan and an evolved visual identity to begin expanding their audience size.

our Approach

Working with CS Arts Consulting and The Board of Directors of WMCT, several workshops were conducted to clarify the strategic goals of the organization. 

Once the Strategic Plan was completed, the obvious goals were to expand the marketing reach of the WMCT with particular focus on the 50-69 year old age group. 

Together with the working group of the Board of Directors, a Brand Strategy and Customer journey tools were created and then approved by the Board of Directors. The goal was to provide clarity on the greatest brand assets, develop a more emotional brand promise and clearly distinguish the pillars of the organization.



Our Findings

A comprehensive three year marketing plan was developed that the organization could implement on their own with their limited resources as well as a new visual identity that would assist in appealing to younger audiences as well as mark a new direction in the organization. A refresh was needed. 

the Results

The Women’s Musical Club of Toronto now has a brand footprint that is relevant and resonates with their stakeholders. It reflects the essence of what its stakeholders need and want from the organization, insuring an emotional connection.

The brand footprint, in its easy to use format, coupled with the Customer Journey enable them to refer back frequently for decision making, marketing and planning and messaging. The Marketing Plan is used as a guide for all marketing related initiatives and as a tool for check-ins, financial planning and metrics.